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PPN Weekly Digest / December 19, 2014

 In the News

“Amazon’s agreements with each of the three publishers embrace what has been called the ‘agency model’ of book pricing – which allows each publisher to set the price that the books will be sold at.”
-from Keith J. Kelly, for the New York Post

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Creative Thinking

“I love the fusion of type and illustration for Jeff ­VanderMeer’s ‘Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy’…the vandalized cover of John Beckman’s ‘American Fun’; and the nearly complete short-short story on Lydia Davis’s ‘Can’t and Won’t’…these show that book design remains vibrant and essential.”

-from Nicholas Blechman for The New York Times

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“Doctorow posted an incredibly tight argument to explain ‘how writers lose when “piracy” gets harder’… he walks you from the reality of how writers are paid today through to the chilling effect of efforts to increase internet liability for anyone within throwing distance of online copyright infringement.

-from Brian O’Leary for Magellan Media

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“While a lot of focus in recent years has been on building up an off-site following through social media, for instance, the real purpose of those channels should be to drive customers back to the one thing a publisher truly owns on the web: its site.”

-from Murray Izenwasser for Digital Book World

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“The takeaway from this might not shock you, but it is substantial: It now seems clear that the healthiest market for trade books in 2014 includes adults who buy ebook versions of YA/Children’s books.”
-from Jonathon Sturgeon for Flavorwire

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“Book lovers, publishing folk: You can now download all of PW’s starred reviews (1,000+) of 2014! Check it out:”
-from @DeahlsDeals, via Twitter

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