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PPN Weekly Digest / September 12, 2014

 Weekly Digest / September 12, 2014

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In the News

“Vook, based in New York, has now announced its acquisition of Byliner, and said it will turn the brand into its first in-house imprint. Vook has previously produced e-books for brands such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.” -from Joshua Farrington for The Bookseller….

“…this week…two contradictory announcements: The literary journal The American Reader is going print-only, while James Frey’s blockbuster-focused publisher Full Fathom Five is launching a digital-only arm.” -from Carolyn Kellogg for the Los Angeles Times



“Apple is once again being sued by its own investors – this time they’re irked by the ebook price-fixing brouhaha.”-from Shaun Nichols for The Register

Creative Thinking

“To celebrate Peter Capaldi’s arrival as The Doctor, Puffin is regenerating its series of Doctor Who novellas with a brand new look.”  -from Daniel Dalton for Buzzfeed
“The University System of Maryland designed the Maryland Open-Source Textbook (MOST) Initiative to evaluate the feasibility of using online materials instead of printed books to ease the cost of purchasing multiple textbooks each year.”  -from The Washington Post


“Despite their embrace of technology, 62% of Americans under age 30 agree there is ‘a lot of useful, important information that is not available on the internet,’ compared with 53% of older Americans who believe that.” -from Kathryn Zickuhr and Lee Rainie for Pew Research Internet Project

“Amazon gives lots of books away for free. The ‘Best Non-Sellers List’ will rank the top books downloaded by Amazon users for $0.00.”  -from Mark Krotov and Alex Shephard for Melville House


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