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2017 PPN Conference Schedule

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Registration and Breakfast


Plenary Session


Emerging and Evolving Careers in Publishing

Joel Friedlander, Self-Publishing Expert

Elena McAnespie, Marketing Director, University of California Press

Terria Smith, Director of California Indian Publishing, Heyday Books

What opportunities for entirely new jobs are emerging in the digital era? How can I transform my present role to take advantage of these developments?

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Morning Sessions 1


Acquiring with a Marketer’s Mind


Nancy Fish, Marketing Director, Parallax Press

Brenda Knight, Former Publisher, Cleis Press

Chris Sosa Loomis, Senior Marketing Manager, University of California Press

How can we bridge the gap between acquisitions and marketing? How can you stand in the shoes of your target audience and give them what they really want?

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Building an Efficient Content Development Workflow

Charlotte Ashlock, Managing Digital Editor and Treasure Hunter for Ideas, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Seth Dobrin, Senior Higher Education Editor, University of California Press

Michael Gillespie, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Pearson

As publishers continue to streamline operations and search for greater efficiencies, their success is still dependent upon delivering relevant, high-quality content in a form and manner that serves readers in the best way possible.

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Productive Interning

Session Cohost / Young to Publishing Group Bay Area Chapter

Moderator / Kate Hoffman, Senior Production Editor, University of California Press

Lauren Grace Gonzales, Associate User Experience (UX) Researcher, Cengage Learning

Caitlin Kirkpatrick, Associate Editor, Chronicle Books

Jessica Ling, Production Editor, University of California Press

Daniel Wikey, Associate Marketing and Publicity Manager, Ten Speed Press

In-house staffers who run successful internship programs will provide advice about how to structure and manage those programs effectively. And former interns will share their tips for making the most of an internship in contexts ranging from trade to academic to higher education publishing.

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Morning Sessions 2


Author Relationships for Life of Title

Leslie Larson, Content Development Specialist, North Atlantic Books

Katie Sheehan, Senior Publicity Manager, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Jenny Wapner, Executive Editor, Ten Speed Press

The flow of a manuscript from acquisitions through editorial and production to marketing and publicity presents many challenges for publisher-author relationships.

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Design Speak


Debbie Berne, Freelance Book Designer

Diane Lee, Art Director, Heyday Books

Josh Michels, Design Generalist, Turner Duckworth

How can publishers talk about design, write effective briefs, and give useful design feedback while under pressure?

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Surviving (and Thriving) in Publishing’s Gig Economy


Session Cohost / Bay Area Editors’ Forum

Jude Berman, Freelance Editor, Writer, and Artist

Anitra Grisales, Freelance Editor and Translator

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi, Managing Editor, Contently, and Freelance Tech Editor

If you are already working as a freelancer or considering jumping in, what are the real benefits, as well as the challenges and pitfalls? And is there a downside to accepting the framework of “gigging”?

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Keynote Address

Brooke Warner, Publisher of She Writes Press and President of Warner Coaching, Inc.

Afternoon Sessions


Maintaining Staff Morale in a Changing Industry

Moderator / Kate Warne, Managing Editor, University of California Press

Heather Garnos, Vice President of Publishing Operations, New Harbinger Publications

Claudia Hoffman, Director of U.S. Books Production, SAGE

Munro Magruder, Associate Publisher and Marketing Director, New World Library

How can a publishing house maintain an ethos that values its staff as people, rewards their contributions, and keeps them motivated to continue improving performance?

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Social Media Tips and Tricks

Session Cohost / Book Promotion Forum

Jason Kim, Digital Content Director, Parallax Press

Joan Lee, Director of Marketing, Insight Editions

Eva Zimmerman, Founder, Eva Zimmerman Public Relations

Social media pros talk about how they tailor their messages to the various outlets in order to promote books and authors, and build community around a wide variety of brands.

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How Freelance Editors Can Help with Early Project Development


Session Cohost / Editcetera

Patricia Heinicke Jr., Freelance Developmental Editor and Copy Editor

Margy Kuntz, Freelance Developmental Editor, Writer, and Instructional Designer

Melissa Stein, Developmental Editor, Copywriter, and Project Manager

Three seasoned editors will lead this discussion of how freelancers can help bring out the best in your authors and keep your projects on schedule.

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Roundtable Discussions


XML First, Last, or Never?

Moderator / Dave Peattie, Owner of BookMatters and Publisher of Whereabouts Press

Acquisitions and production staff are invited to discuss the business cases that warrant the additional cost of XML first and the advantages of different XML strategies.

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Covers on the Web

Moderator / Andrei Pasternak, Art Director, Cengage Learning

With years of experience designing book covers that work in the print world, it’s high time we turned our attention towards designing not just covers but digital identities for our products.

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In Print Forever: Inventory Management and the New Digital Print Capabilities


Moderator / Michele Bisson Savoy, Western Sales Region Representative, QuaLibre

As the print industry has shifted from longer print runs to in-stock protection and print on demand, new challenges abound.

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Helping Authors Build Their Platforms

Moderator / Peter Perez, Director, Public Relations and Communications, University of California Press

How can publishers help authors to build solid platforms that include regular blogging, contributions to periodicals, interviews on radio and television, and messaging via social media?

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Independent Publishers Forum


Moderator / Becky Parker Geist, Owner and Founder, Pro Audio Voices

How can a small publisher gain attention in this highly competitive marketplace? How can a niche publisher locate and reach its audience?

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Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

Moderator /Aimée Goggins, Senior Marketing Manager, University of California Press

Content marketing is a smart, strategic, and creative approach to provide audiences with relevant and engaging content.

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Books, Booze, and Mentoring


Cocktail Hour with Mentoring Mixer

Party Cohost / Book Promotion Forum (aka Books & Booze)

Mixer Cohost / Young to Publishing Group Bay Area Chapter

For those who are interested, potential mentors and mentees will be provided with ways to identify each other. For those who just want to lift a glass, come celebrate the completion of a day well spent!


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