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49th Annual Call for Entries

Publishing Professionals Network is a nonprofit association providing educational resources and opportunities for all individuals involved in book and book-related publishing. Founded as Bookbuilders West in 1969, it was rechartered as PPN in 2012 to reflect the changing nature of long-form content publishing and embrace all the partnerships that exist within our industry.

Enter your best books, covers, and jackets published from September 2019 through September 2020 in our highly acclaimed book show competition. All entries will be showcased at our annual book show to be held in April 2021.


PPN Members

Books: $50.00 per entry
Covers or Jackets: $45.00 per entry


Books: $60.00 per entry
Covers or Jackets: $55.00 per entry


Membership in PPN is not required.

Publishing professionals may submit any book published, designed, or manufactured in the United States. Entries need not be manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Books must have a publishing date of September 2019 through September 2020.

Follow four easy steps to submit an entry:

  1. Complete an online entry form. Please enter information for each entry.
  2. Print a corresponding copy of your email confirmation for each entry.
  3. Pay the entry fee either online or by check after you submit the final item.
  4. Send one copy of each book, cover, or jacket entry and corresponding email confirmations to the address below.


Do not mount covers or jackets. | Do not mount printouts. | Please consolidate shipments.

Submit entries to:

PPN Book Show Entry
Publishing Professionals Network
274 Redwood Shores Parkway
Box 129
Redwood City, CA 94065-1173
All entries must be received no later than January 22, 2021.

Questions?  Please contact us at


  • Non-complying entries may be disqualified.
  • Entry categories are subject to change at the judge’s discretion.
  • Late entries not accepted will be returned along with the entry fee.
  • Books, covers, and jackets accepted for competition in the book show will not be returned.


If the same book, cover, or jacket is submitted by more than one entrant, the publisher’s entry will be accepted and any others will be returned with the fees. If the publisher is not among the entrants, the first entry received for that book, cover, or jacket will be the official entry, and all others will be returned with the fees.

For multiple entries from a company or individual, a single payment for the total amount is preferred. Regardless of the number of entries, all entries from a publisher or an individual must be packaged and sent as a group.

Some entrants may be contacted following the judging process and will be instructed to provide downloaded press-quality PDFs of the cover and several representative text pages for use in the Book Show catalog.


The design criteria listed below will be used as relevant to a given category and will be the only factors used to assess design category awards.

Concept and Creativity |
Integrity: properly conveys the spirit of the content
Impression: inspires engagement and evokes delight
Innovation: unique or outstanding in its look and function

Typography |
Comprehension: readable for its audience with properly indicated hierarchy
Expression: enhances the spirit of the content

Flow and Function |
Composition: layout facilitates understanding and invites engagement
Expression: enhances the spirit of the content

Art (when relevant) |
Authenticity: appropriate reflection of the content
Clarity: facilitates understanding of the content
Quality: excellent execution (color, line, composition, shape, contrast, etc.)

The manufacturing criteria will be used as a stand-alone assessment for a distinct printing award.

Manufacturing | 
Form: invites engagement from the reader
Material: high quality paper, binding, ink, and finishing
Printing: clean, crisp reproduction
Harmony: production complements the content
Sustainability: production has a low ecological impact


To ensure that entries are evaluated with the appropriate criteria in mind, six main categories have been established.

Covers and jackets may be submitted for consideration without entering the accompanying books.

BOOKS | Image Driven | Books that are published primarily for their visual content and contain text supporting the graphics. Entries in this category can fall under any subject area. Examples include museum catalogs and instructional titles that rely primarily on graphics to provide information.

BOOKS | Text Driven | Books that are published primarily for their text content. Photographs, illustrations, and other graphics serve as accessories to the text. Entries in this category can fall under any subject area.

BOOKS | Illustrative | Books that are published exclusively for their graphics which convey or propel the content and/or story. Any text is minimal and usually contained within the graphics. Examples include graphic novels and children’s books.

BOOKS | Special | Books that diverge from the standard physical format in some fashion. Examples include pop-up books and titles with special binding or casework

COVERS and JACKETS | Image Driven | Covers and jackets that are primarily focused on an image or group of images. Text is minimal and is not the primary design element.

COVERS and JACKETS  |  Text Driven | Covers and Jackets without images, or for which the typographic treatment is the primary design element.

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