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AIGA SF | Design More Mindful Products

Hosted/Organized by: AIGA SF

As important as mindful design is, it can seem daunting and vague. This 45-minute session offers beginner to mid-level designers an actionable process for designing more mindfully. You’ll learn what mindful design is, why it’s important, how project-specific principles can help, and how to identify, define, and present them within any given project. The presentation will be 30 minutes long, leaving 15 minutes for a Q&A. There will also be a free downloadable worksheet provided at the end of the talk so attendees can apply what they’ve learned to their next project.

About the instructor:  Maddy Beard, Creative Resident at Adobe 

Maddy is a strategic designer with a focus on UI/ UX design in the wellness space. Empathy, cognitive psychology, and digital wellbeing are all driving forces behind her work.

About Adobe XD

Adobe XD believes that design is better together. Adobe is a proud sponsor of AIGA SF. Together with AIGA SF, Adobe actively engages with the creative community in dialogues about the important issues in the fields of design and technology.