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AIGA SF | WILD + Visa: Developing Your Leadership Style

Hosted/Organized by: AIGA SF

Join us for an intimate, roundtable discussion—think a round-robin format, or “World Café” style— with women in design leadership roles to chat about what it’s like to be a woman in design, a mother in leadership, discuss different leadership styles, and all the challenges that may come as you work your way up to the ‘top’.

This is a night you don’t want to miss!

About WILD

AIGA SF’s Women in Leadership and Design (WILD) initiative aims for gender parity in design. The purpose of WILD Programming, meetups and workshops is to empower women and genderqueer persons at every stage on their path to leadership.

About Visa Innovation

Visa Innovation is a small, dynamic group that conceives and designs new concepts, collaborates on state-of-the-art, dynamic experiences, and leads in emerging technologies.

Visa is excited to partner with AIGA SF, engage with the design community in a meaningful way, where we can honor our vision of bringing people together to solve problems, for today and tomorrow.