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AMERICAN ACADEMY OF BOOKBINDING | Traditional Half Leather Binding

Hosted/Organized by: American Academy of Bookbinding


JULY 20 – 31, 2020 | PETER GERATY | $1500
A standard of the 19th century trade shops, the half leather binding features leather on the corners and spine, with cloth or marbled paper on the remaining area of the cover boards. Initially developed as a less expensive leather binding, it utilizes all the craft needed for a full leather binding but doesn’t require a large clean area of the skin; scraps may be used. Because students will be working with smaller scraps of leather, they will have a chance in this class to try different tools and techniques for paring, from an English knife to a spokeshave to the Scharf-fix. The books are sewn on raised cords, laced in and endbanded. The finished product is a visually interesting book, still quite popular today, that has the strength of a full leather binding. Students will come away from this class with a book that is ready to be dressed up in gold during the November Tooling class!

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding II or equivalent experience.

Telluride Summer