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BABF | Literature Live Around the World

Hosted/Organized by: Bay Area Book Festival

Ever wondered what book-lovers are reading, writing, caring about in Afghanistan? Nigeria? Jamaica? Argentina? On February 12, 2021, join an intimate, fascinating virtual view into “other states, other lives, other souls.” Literature Live Around the World (LLAW) will immerse you in the culture, authors, and ambience of 12 destinations on every continent — and BABF is proud to represent the U.S. with a program showcasing what makes the Bay Area such an international touchstone.

What is it? A 12-hour extravaganza of 12 literary festivals around the globe, produced by Norway’s LitFestBergen.

Where will it take me? Bergen, Norway; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dubai, UAE; Edinburgh, Scotland; Jaipur, India; Kabul, Afghanistan; Lagos, Nigeria; Lyon, France; Perth, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

What will I see? Each literary festival will present its own program featuring local authors, as well as a dynamic video about each respective region and its literary and cultural scene. For the full lineup (including BABF’s contribution, a conversation with Bay Area literary power couple Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida), click here!

How do I watch? The full program will run on our website for all to watch for free, starting on February 12, 2021 at noon Norweigan time (yes, that’s 3 a.m. Pacific). Don’t want virtual jetlag? No worries: the recording of the whole program, featuring all 12 festivals, will repeat over the following days to accommodate different time zones. You can dip in whenever you like, picking and choosing what “destinations” you want to visit.