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BAIPA | Advertising Your Book on Amazon: How to Succeed

Hosted/Organized by: Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

Webinar Presented By: Bob Heyman & David Kudler

During this two-session webinar series (Monday, June 24 and Monday, July 1 at 7 p.m.), we will look at one of the most powerful tools for marketing your book—Amazon Ads.

Topics covered will include:

  • Types of ads
  • Keywords
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Case Studies of actual campaigns
  • Q & A

Each webinar in this series of two will take us step-by-step through how to navigate what can be a very effective book marketing strategy— IF we know what to do, and what decisions to make. This series will chunk it down so we don’t get overwhelmed by trying to learn the full process all at once. It will give us time between sessions to take the first steps in the process and then come back for the next steps.

Each 30-45 minute webinar session will be hosted by BAIPA President Becky Parker Geist. She will monitor the chat window for participation questions and direct those to the presenters, David and Bob. When you register, it will be for the full series. Registrants will be given access to the recorded sessions, so if you’re unable to attend one or more of the sessions, you should still register. The recorded webinars will only be available online as a pay per view (or paid access) resource, which allows BAIPA to compensate our generous presenters for their time. However, members who register will receive free access for a limited time.

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Free for members

$45 for non-members