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BAIPA | Help Your WOW Target Audience Find You and Stay with You

Hosted/Organized by: Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

So often we feel like we have to try to appeal to everyone out there, to figure out the magical combination of keywords that will get our books found on Amazon and elsewhere. We struggle to find the tactics that will sell more books – promotions, giveaways, contests, social media, press releases, presentations… and the list goes on. We’ve heard about super fans – but how do we find them and what do we do with them once they have found us? What if someone could show you how to figure out how to find your WOW fans and to keep them with you?

Stop guessing and start knowing what works. Turn book marketing into business growth – and take your business as an author further by continuing the journey for your audience. Steve will teach you the proven 3-step process he used to successfully attract more of his audience, gain more WOW clients, increase revenue and, most importantly, have a WOW life. This may be especially valuable for authors of nonfiction who have additional books, products or services to offer, but fiction authors will certainly benefit as well.

Truly Capture your WOW Audience

The best part of this system is it is simple. If you follow the steps that Steve lays out in this talk, you will be able to grow your business while gaining more of the life you want. Gain exponential growth while enjoying life the way you want to.

Actionable Takeaways


  • How to DESIGN your publishing business or your career so that it allows you to create a solid BRAND foundation while achieving your desired lifestyle.
  • How to BUILD your business with the right BRAND message so that you attract your WOW audience.
  • How to SHARE your books and business so you can consistently attract WOW clients.


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