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BAIPA | Simple Video Marketing to Sell More Books

Hosted/Organized by: Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

Marketing is marketing. In most cases, it’s a process of getting attention and inspiring prospects to become customers. It’s about identifying a problem and offering a solution. For authors, though, it’s a bit different. It is often about connection, community, conversation and then conversion into book sales. In this new age of video, it’s more and more important for authors to embrace video as a marketing strategy. It can be simply done, intimate and effective with just a little attention, planning, and polish.

You will learn how to:
1. Know what to say, by crafting an introductory message that sells.
2. Film simple marketing videos using mostly gear you already have.
3. Maximize your Goodreads marketing – learn three little known secrets that will make you stand out.
4. Use every video you create in six different ways so they become permanent marketing assets and serve you long term.


You will walk away knowing exactly how to make a decent video that looks good and sounds good, you’ll know what to say and where to post it so it gets seen.