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BAY AREA WOMEN in PUBLISHING | Inclusiveness Throughout

Hosted/Organized by: Bay Area Women in Publishing

Inclusiveness Throughout: How Publishers Use the Power of Editorial, Production, Cover Art, and Marketing to Create Inclusive Books that Change the World

In a Scholastic blog called, “14 Readers Tell Us Why Diverse Books Are Important,” Kelsey W. says, “That is the power of a diverse book: You can change everything for one kid, and you create empathy in 100 more.”

In publishing, we have the honor of creating the books that people read, so how do we create books that build respect and create empathy for diverse people and cultures?

In this panel, we will be talking about inclusion throughout the entire process of creating a book: from the initial acquisition, through production, cover art, and finally marketing the title. We hope to take the opportunity to explore the world of the book and identify solid, tangible ways to begin building a more diverse, inclusive book process for publishers. The topics are likely to include:

  • How to connect with diverse authors
  • How to make sure the content of your books appeals to the widest audience
  • How to create covers that represent diverse audiences
  • How to find inclusiveness in all designs
  • How to create marketing materials that appeal to the most diverse audiences
  • How to market books for the greatest reach
  • How to reach diverse markets in new and exciting ways

After all, we all deserve to see ourselves in books, and books are a perfect medium to teach us about others and the world around us.The more inclusive and diverse we make our books through thoughtful content, design, and marketing, the better the world will be for all.

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