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BCC | Kenneth Karmiole Endowed Lecture on the History of the Book Trade in California and the West

Hosted/Organized by: Book Club of California

Following the first tourist party visit to Yosemite in 1855, literature–whether pictorial, photographic, or printed–enticed sightseers to visit the sublime Valley. Tracing the evolution of this relationship provides an insight into early Yosemite ephemera, books, and lithographs. The literary lure of tourists to the Valley has worked so well, that today Yosemite is painfully loved to death.

An illustrated talk by Dennis Kruska, author of Bibliography of Yosemite, the Central and the Southern High Sierra, and the Big Trees, 1839-1900(1992) and James Mason Hutchings of Yosemite: a Biography and Bibliography, 2009.