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CWC-SF | Author Skills -Making Monsters

Hosted/Organized by: California Writers Club SF Peninsula

In October, our thoughts turn to apple cider, changing leaves, and the intense mind-destroying shock of Horror.

Join Liz Suggs (Twitter: @elizabethasuggs) for her presentation on writing monsters –

It’s Alive! – Your Creations
Are your creatures coming off a little lifeless? Let’s reanimate them! This presentation will help you create the next Frankenstein, Dracula, or zombie. In this webinar, you will learn:
– How to create memorable monsters
– What monster is ideal for your story
– How to recreate classics
– What makes a monster believable, relatable, and sympathetic

We’ll follow the discussion with Q&A.

The cost for the event is $9.99

Elizabeth Suggs is a writer, an editor, and a leader in the writing community. She obsessively writes each morning, lunch, and evening. When she’s not writing, she’s leading a group of writers through bi-weekly workshops on feedback and focused writing. She believes these meetings help writers understand themselves in the world and better prepare them for major publishers.