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CWC SF | Book Coaching – The New Edit

Hosted/Organized by: California Writers Club, SF Peninsula Chapter
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
6pm PDT (UTC -7:00)
Pre-registration is required

Book coaching may not be a new concept, but it is growing as a modern editorial service. Editors are most traditionally known for the work they do on finished manuscripts. But the development of writing as a teachable craft, and not just a talented specialty, has created a need for editors who help writers in the planning and drafting phases. Book coaching has thus become an ideal education option for those without access to writing programs or without adequate support. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • what book coaching is;
  • why it differs from other types of editing;
  • how to know if coaching is the right service for you;
  • and when to prepare for a season of coaching.


The discussion will be followed by Q&A.

Our presenters will be Jaime Dill and Coral Rivera, partners in Polish and Pitch

Jamie Dill
Jaime Dill is the Editorial Director of the Polish & Pitch editorial agency, which she founded in 2018. Jaime and her partner editors use their combined nine years of experience to provide writers with craft knowledge, inspiration, and drive via their coaching, editorial, and querying services. You can learn more about Jaime’s availability and what service best fits your needs at You can also follow her on Twitter (@jaime_dill) where she posts editorial tips, personal writing incidents, and too many ironic typos.

Coral Rivera
I started writing at a young age, during an insufferably hot summer in Puerto Rico. I wrote about magic and intelligent heroines, and I realized it was what I was meant for in life. I’ve worked many different jobs, but writing seemed to always lurk in the background as an aid to everyday strife. I grew up in Orlando, Florida, surrounded by palm trees and fairy tales. I currently reside in Central Oklahoma with my husband, daughter, three cats, and more Disney memorabilia than I know what to do with. I help students during the day, then create at night (when I’m not catching up on sleep/DVR). I’m a proud Puerto-Rican who very much belongs in Slytherin House. You can find my works and learn more about me at:—Workshops-for-Writers.html?soid=1110734876202&aid=YmnevSYmjz4