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EFA | Fearless Formatting in Microsoft Word Webinar

Hosted/Organized by: Editorial Freelance Association

Word is capable of much more than most people use it for, and formatting documents for self-publishing, journal publication, or academia is a common request made of editors. This course will teach lesser-known features in Word that take away the guessing game of formatting and significantly reduce formatting-related headaches and the amount of time spent trying to make Word work. This 90-minute webinar will discuss:

  • How to find and understand “hidden” formatting marks
  • Using and updating Styles
  • Hidden issues that can arise (and be fixed) from the Font and Paragraph menus
  • When and how to use section breaks (for footnotes, different page sizes, or margins)
  • How to create clean, professional-looking documents with no underlying problems
  • Time-saving tricks to batch-format without macros


Rochelle Deans is an editor and formatter with more than eleven years of experience, formatting everything from engineering reports to dissertations, and from epic fantasy to branded study handouts. Her booklet “Advanced Features of Word: How to Easily Format Theses and Dissertations” is published through the Editorial Freelancers Association. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two young children. Her bad habits include mispronouncing words, eating ice cream right before bed, and spending too much time on the internet.

Fearless Formatting in Microsoft Word (webinar) SP21