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EFA | Writing Back Cover Copy That Sells the Book

Hosted/Organized by: Editorial Freelancers Association

Arizona-Southwest Chapter Meeting for October

Back cover copy is a critical marketing tool. After a reader’s attention has been captured by an eye-catching cover, a friend’s recommendation, or a positive review, that reader will usually check out the book description to see if it’s worth the time to flip to the first page. But despite its importance, most authors have no idea how to craft copy that sells the book. This presentation will teach you some tricks of the trade so that you’re better equipped to advise your clients on what to include in their descriptions—or better yet, to write the descriptions yourself when your clients are wise enough to hire someone to do it for them.

Susan Wenger is a freelance editor who’s worked primarily with self-publishing authors since 2003. As the owner of Cover to Cover LLC, she offers developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, back cover copywriting, cover design, and interior layout. When she isn’t writing things, designing things, or wielding a red pen, she plays keyboard and sings in a band called Cinder Bridge.