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International Printing Museum | 2020 Virtual LA Printers Fair

Hosted/Organized by: International Printing Museum

As much as everyone loves our in-person Printers Fair each year, we need to prioritize the health and safety of our visitors, vendors, and volunteers. So for this year, the Los Angeles Printers Fair at the Printing Museum will be held virtually….

THE GOOD NEWS: instead of just a two day event, the 2020 VIRTUAL LOS ANGELES PRINTERS FAIR will take place for the entire month of November!

2020 Virtual LA Printers Fair 

•  A dedicated website with an online marketplace

•  Social Media daily features and posts

•  Special sales promotions such as “Black Ink Friday” after Thanksgiving

•  A downloadable show guide

•  Various levels of Keepsake Packages for sale

•  At home activities and tutorials such as how to make paper or bind a book

•  Museum Video Demonstrations and Museum Tours

•  Virtual weekly raffles

•  On-site Surplus Type & Press Sales at the Printing Museum in the parking lot

•  A drive-in printing-themed movie night in Museum parking lot

•  much more!



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2020 LA Printers Fair