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LETTERFORM ARCHIVE | It’s Time to Throw the Bauhaus Under the Bus

Hosted/Organized by: Letterform Archive

After more than 100 years of living with the immense pedagogical impact of the Bauhaus we believe it’s time to question and investigate this important, but now dated framework that has largely defined design and design education. As the first art and design school to directly tie the classroom experience to a professional orientation (read workshop), it is high time for a rethinking and remaking of the academic design studio into a 21st-century model. We are particularly interested in interrogating the colonial lineages of 20th-century formal aesthetics and structures for making. This workshop explores breaking habits, structures, and models of thought that have become canonized, systematized, and ingrained as the way to make work. We are encouraging you to make from a personal place that engages and tells stories — that forms can inherit unconventional ways for designers and people to share, inform, and live.

Experiments and explorations occur in 2D, 3D, and 4D formats. We will take a particular focus on the makeup of Letterform Archive and ways we could support more inclusion and a range of typographic voices in the collection.

Required Materials: A Mac Laptop Laptop Running Adobe Creative Suite (or similar vector, image manipulation, and page layout apps) and Glyphs.

Suggested Materials

  • black markers of various type
  • pens and pencils of various type
  • China marker, or pastel
  • India ink
  • gouache
  • black/white construction paper
  • digital laser prints
  • camera/Cellphone Camera
  • photocopier
  • white out or white paint
  • photo collage or montage
  • stamps/relief prints
  • Mechanical drafting pencil
  • Calligraphy pen markers: 5.0 and 3.5


You may source and remix your own marks, shapes, rules, lines, strokes, or moves made in analog or digital spaces. You may also repurpose type or lettering if you significantly crop, slice, modify, overlap, obscure, or otherwise splinter the original.