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Letterform Archive | Stencilmania: Understanding Type Design as a Tool for Graphic Designers

Hosted/Organized by: Letterform Archive

Type West Public Workshop
Online Workshop
Sat–Sun, Sep 26–27, 2020
10:00am–6:00pm PDT

Stencil type design has been proven as a great way to explain and practice the principles underlying the design of typefaces.

In this weekend workshop Laura Meseguer will offer participants the possibility of creating the main characters of an alphabet constructed with a limited amount of elements. We will design typographic characters to compose a word, a message or a logo, that will serve later, to cut out stencils in a resistant material to be painted or printed.

It can be solved manually or digitally.

Learning Outcomes
  • To understand and practice the principles underlying the design of typefaces.
  • Set the basis for creating a full alphabet from a few existing characters.
  • Reflect on the role of typography in the field of identity and experience the design of custom types. All together can be understood as ‘type design as a tool for designers’.

All participants will have to do preliminary research about stencil sentences or words found in the streets or in articles or old catalogs. They will serve as the starting point for the project. From that material, we will extract the alphabets to work on, and define the parts, adapting the work process to each style.

Required Materials
  • Drawing materials: pencil, eraser and ruler
  • Supports: white paper, graph paper, onion paper.
  • Optional: Laptop, scanner, photocopy machine, lightbox.

At the first two sessions we will all be sketching by hand, the next two can be manual or digital drawing. In case the participant wants to continue digital, he or she will have to be skilled and autonomous in vector drawing design.