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LETTERFORM ARCHIVE | The Hierarchy of Typography: How to Get Them to Read What You Are Designing

Hosted/Organized by: Letterform Archive

A hands-on workshop with two award-winning graphic designers who will reveal their type secrets and help you create engaging work.

Learn how to use type to deconstruct the assumptions of the design and layout of a book. Jennifer Morla and Louise Sandhaus will dissect books they have designed and the techniques they have used to engage the reader in unexpected ways through type, layout and color and paper. Participants will create their own 16 page book design incorporating these techniques. Morla and Sandhaus will work one-on-one with each student to help realize their goals. Students will be able to print out their final book layouts.

Suggested Materials

  • Your laptop with your favorite fonts loaded. Best to include a range of serif, sans serif and decorative (the more outrageous the better) typefaces.
  • An essay, poem or any text that you want in your book
  • Scanned images of any visual you would like to incorporate into your layout.