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LETTERFORM ARCHIVE | Experimenting with Unconventional Type Families

Hosted/Organized by: Letterform Archive

How far can we stretch the concept of different styles within the same type family? What constitutes one? Contemporary examples are showing us that typefaces can be designed beyond the conventional weight (light/bold) or width (condensed/extended) axis.

In this two-days intensive workshop students will experiment designing with a “crazy” axis, learning (and breaking!) the boundaries of a type family. Though not completing the design of one (it sadly takes way more than a weekend), the students will set the foundations through sketching letters, by hand or digitally, and group critiques. Topics covered include sketching type, method, consistency and coherence, contrast. We will focus on the process and the design decisions necessary to build the structure of a type family. And we will sketch a lot.

The workshop is suitable also for beginners, as the knowledge of vector drawing and font editing software is not required (but welcomed).

Required Materials
  • Black markers of various type for sketching
  • Pencils of various type for sketching
  • Paper for sketching
  • Ruler
  • White out or white paint
  • A Mac laptop running Glyphs (or similar font editors)
Suggested Materials
  • Tracing paper
  • Digital laser prints of existing typefaces you like
  • Flat-tipped calligraphy markers