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PPN | Follow Your Heart: A Conversation with Maria Giudice


Founder and CEO of the pioneering experience design firm, Hot Studio, Maria Giudice built a thriving practice around the principles of human-centered design. After Hot Studio’s acquisition by Facebook in 2013, Maria led global design teams there and at Autodesk, building digital experiences for millions worldwide. Today, after three decades at the forefront of business and design, Maria has a new mission:

Build the next generation of creative leaders.

Through one-on-one coaching and team-building workshops, Maria unlocks the potential hidden in executives and the people they lead. Author of Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, she is a crowd favorite at conferences like TEDx and Mind the Product, where her talks draw on her 30-plus years at the forefront of business and design. Maria also paints portraits of Prince on denim jackets in her spare time. They are badass.

In this conversation, Maria will share the story of her career transitions, and in doing so, address the challenges facing publishing professionals, and how she turned those into opportunities, all along following her heart.

The evening will begin with Maria sharing her experiences, after which we will open the conversation for all to participate. You will come away inspired to look at what you are passionate about, with ideas on how to focus on your unique strengths and abilities as you evolve your own career.

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