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Bay Area Book Festival | Seventh Annual Bay Area Book Festival

Hosted/Organized by: Bay Area Book Festival and the San Francisco Chronicle

“And indeed it could be said that once the faintest stirring of hope became possible, the dominion of plague was ended.”

-Albert Camus, The Plague

“Ended” is a strong word, Albert. While the seventh annual Bay Area Book Festival (May 1-9, 2021) packs an inspiringly hopeful punch, we can’t promise it’ll bring about an end to… (gestures vaguely)… all this. But what we can promise is a cure for another kind of plague: ennui (Camus famously wrote “the truth is that everyone is bored,” but we’re here to prove him wrong). Get ready for nine spring days filled with the most anticipated books in this most anticipated of years, and the opportunity to hear directly from—and pick the brains of—the news-making, trailblazing authors who wrote them.

From a cultural visionary raved about by Toni Morrison and Stephen King, to a Nobel laureate known as “an artist without ego,” to some of the most subversive and spellbinding award-winners on the literary scene, there’s something for every taste, mood, and brand-new beginning.

Sneak Peek 2021