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SFCB | Subtle Politics / Extravagant Medium: The Pop-Up Books of Shawn Sheehy

Hosted/Organized by: San Francisco Center for the Book

For twenty years Shawn Sheehy has been creating artist pop-up books based on environmental themes. Sheehy will talk about his work and demonstrate that pop-ups are a particularly good fit for communicating his politics. About his work, Sheehy writes: “All of my books emerge from a personal drive towards advocacy for the wild world. In books where creatures share an ecosystem, I am exploring the health of that ecosystem. I show interdependencies between creatures, illustrating how they rely on each another. I consider the resources they require, and how those creatures cooperate or compete. My goal, ultimately, is to demonstrate that these creatures are part of a system, and that the system depends on all of its parts to work correctly. Subtly, I point a finger at the hubris behind any sort of human claim to know what is best for the wild world. The pointing finger is accusatory when those human claims are disrupting healthy ecosystems.”