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NEG | Far North Editors Guild

May 12, 2021

The Far North Editors meet every second Wednesday from 11:15am to 12:45pm. Traditionally they meet in Mount Vernon, WA, but currently their meetings are entirely online.

If you are interested in joining them online, please register for free via the button below. Logged in members can find the invitation here.


BAWiP | Virtual Happy Hour

May 12, 2021

Join fellow publishing and media professionals for BAWIP’s monthly virtual happy hours. These are always scheduled the second Wednesday of the month.

We are always open to new ideas and conversation topics! Whether you would like to make a suggestion or are interested in volunteering with our social events committee, please email us at


SFCB | Shelter in Studio tour: Clifton Meador

May 13, 2021

While our online workshops and events are helping us to connect with our community, we also miss chatting with people about projects and processes that keep our hands and minds engaged. Join us in our online series of studio visits with SFCB staff, instructors, and friends where we open up our studios and take part of our lunch break together. Grab a sandwich and stop on by.

This week: Join us this week for a conversation with offset printer, book artist and professor Clifton Meador (Cove Creek, NC).


HBC | Introduction to Archival Paper Repair

May 15, 2021

Bookbinder and Paper Conservator Gudrun Aurand will demonstrate basic paper repair techniques. These can be applied to pages in books or any flat art work or document. An introduction into properties of paper will set the frame and demonstration of mending techniques, materials and tools will provide participants with the basic knowledge needed to perform archivally sound paper repair. The presenter will introduce a decision making tree, which will allow participants to achieve the most effective outcome for the repair needed. How to mend a tear, cut or hole requires each a different approach. Among others the presenter will demonstrate how to outline and tear a piece of mending paper in order to repair the damage in the least obtrusive way. She will discuss pros and cons of using either starch paste or PVA (white glue). Participants are encouraged to bring a project of their own that they may have questions about and which could be discussed to the benefit of all at the end of the demonstration.


$35 members | $45 non-members

Class is capped at 10 participants. Registration deadline is May 12 via the link below.


BABA | Monthly Meeting

May 16, 2021

Hosted/Organized by: Bay Area Book Artists May 16, 1pm – 3pm During the pandemic, all meeting will be held online via Zoom. (map) BABA meets the third Sunday of each month on Zoom. Members share books, work in progress and information about book events and resources.


BCC | 100 questions worth asking: a Letterpress Exploration in Quarantine

May 17, 2021

During the extraordinarily singular year of 2020, book artist e bond decided to re-ignite an old writing project about the creative process. As a way back into the project, she participated in an online exercise where she shared a question for 100 days. The questions began as creative prompts about process but soon evolved into questions about life. What came next was a month long visual exploration of those questions into letterpress & mixed-media prints. This talk explores how e bond got from there to here and the work that was made during the past year.

A live online presentation by e bond, book artist and owner, roughdrAftbooks


BAWiP | WEBINAR: The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility with Marilyn Gist

May 19, 2021

This webinar will feature a new model of leadership that is rooted in humility and having a deep regard for others’ dignity. During such uncertain and historic times, this approach to leadership provides a pathway for business, community, and civic leaders to understand how to take their organizations to the next level. It has strong implications for diversity efforts, consensus building, and improving employee engagement.  Attendees will learn why humility is a core component to organizational success, how existing C-suite leaders have employed this model in their own leadership rising to success to in their own industries despite insurmountable odds.


  • Recognize the key attributes of leading with humility
  • Understand the power of relationships in your leadership
  • Learn how principles of humility can help you move from sidelines to center stage
  • Gain insight into your own leadership practices and behaviors
  • Learn how to score and analyze your own leader humility to become a leader everyone admires
  • Identify ways to harness exceptional power to produce great organizational results
  • Learn how to cultivate greater enthusiasm and engagement in your own team

EFA | Sensitivity Reading & Beyond, with Crystal Shelley

May 20, 2021

Join us on Zoom to hear from editor Crystal Shelley. Email Kristen Tate to be added to our chapter mailing list and/or to get the link for the event. New members welcome!

Sensitivity Reading and Beyond: Empowering Editors to Talk About Conscious Language and Representation

The concept of sensitivity reading is met with different opinions, from praise for being a necessary service to cries of censorship and cancel culture. This session will provide an overview of what sensitivity reading is and isn’t, what to look for, and the reasons why it’s valuable. It’ll also empower editors to have conversations about authenticity and representation outside of a sensitivity reading role. Not all editors are—or want to be—sensitivity readers, but we can leverage our relationships with writers, publishers, and corporations to advocate for accurate representation in service to readers.

Crystal Shelley is the owner of Rabbit with a Red Pen, where she provides copy editing, proofreading, and sensitivity reading services to fiction authors. She is also a licensed clinical social worker. She unites her love of language and her passion for social justice by advocating for conscious language use and inclusive representation in her editorial work.


PPN | Virtual Meetup

May 20, 2021

Mark your calendars and join us on May 20th at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time for our next virtual meetup. A great opportunity for connection, our virtual event via Zoom is open to anyone in the book-publishing industry. So, grab a drink and come catch up, share news, and get advice. Prost!

We plan to continue holding virtual meetups over Zoom on the third Thursday of each month for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, we are wistfully looking forward to in-person meetups again someday.


HBC | Tool Talk with Tom Conroy

May 21, 2021

Tom Conroy, a Bay Area fixture in the world of Bookbinding, will talk about spring dividers. His #ZoomToolTalk will be followed by your questions and comments.

Join us to co-create a 21st-century happening.

All HBC Members in good standing—and previous #ZoomToolTalkers—are welcome.


ABM | Making Their Mark Lecture Series: Lecture 2

May 22, 2021

Going for the Gold, with Samuel Feinstein
When: Saturday May 22, 4pm PDT
Where: Online
Cost: $10
Samuel Feinstein is a bookbinder and finisher working in Chicago. While the basic tenets of gold finishing have not changed much over the years, approach in terms of design, precision of placement of individual tools, and utilization of different gilding sizes has. In his work Sam aspires to work seamlessly in all styles, historical and modern, to bring to the surface some of the essence of what is inside the covers.

In his presentation, Sam will talk about how his traumatic brain injury left him unable to do other work, but introduced him to the world of hand bookbinding, the aspects of bookbinding history that truly inspired him to want to follow this path, and the one binding that set him on his course to want to do fine leather bookbinding and specialize in gold finishing. He was captivated by not only the detail of the work, but also the combination of playfulness of design and dedication to the mastery of the craft that went into its creation. In his slides he will demonstrate one of the many approaches to gold finishing that he employs in his work and teaching, as well as the philosophy behind his tooling method.

He will then take a tour through a few of his favorite and most engaging bindings that he has had the opportunity to work on and talk about what went into each one, not all of which have gold as the center of attention.


BAiPA | Editorial Services: Getting the Right Help from the Right Editor

June 5, 2021

BAIPA monthly meetings are now exclusively on Zoom, at least until we get through this COVID-19 crisis. The Zoom links will be provided to you via email on the Friday evening before, around 9 PM. Therefore, all non-members MUST register in advance in order to participate. However, all current BAIPA members will get the Zoom info for the morning session automatically.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for the list of available tickets. Members, please log in first.

The general meeting begins at 9 am, the speaker presentation is at 11 am, after Q&A, networking time, introductions & announcements.

There is no afternoon workshop this month.


Editorial Services: Getting the Right Help from the Right Editor

So you need an editor. But what kind of editor? Copyeditor? Substantive editor? Developmental editor? Proofreader? Find out how you can get the help you need.

– Barbara Fuller –

Every book benefits from the help of a good professional editor. Even books written by professional editors benefit from the help of another professional editor—someone with the objective distance to see where the writing could be stronger and with the training to improve it. But just what does this editor do? Editing is a blanket term that covers many types of work, and it’s important to know what types of work you need.

In this program, Editcetera Director Barbara Fuller discusses the different types of editing that are often part of the book-publishing process: developmental editing (work with content, organization, and tone), copyediting (attention to the finer points of grammar, spelling, and usage), and proofreading (correction of egregious errors in the text, as well as typography, in relation to design and layout). We’ll also discuss variations and distinctions in terminology such as substantive editing and line editing.


Library of Congress | The International Association of Paper Historians Congress 2021

June 7, 2021 to June 11, 2021

35th IPH Congress
Investigating American Collections on Paper

June 7-11, 2021

For the very first time, the Congress will take place virtually, encouraging the participation of a broad array of paper historians, scholars, and students from around the world. Presenters will discuss paper history, new methodologies of paper studies, and toolkits for paper and watermark identification. In addition to pre-recorded presentations and live Q&A sessions, there will be live workshops that will allow participants to gain greater familiarity with international watermark databases.



ABA | ABC Children’s Institute 2021

June 16, 2021 to June 18, 2021

Hosted/Organized by: The American Booksellers Association

The 2020 Children’s Institute (Ci8) will take place Monday, June 22, through Wednesday, June 24, at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, located at 3800 E. Sunrise Dr. in Tucson, Arizona.

The American Booksellers Association continues to aim to locate the annual Children’s Institute in cities around the country to ensure as many independent booksellers as possible have the chance to attend.


Letterform Archive | A Script That Pleases The Eye with Iyad Naja

June 22, 2021

Hosted/Organized by: Letterform Archive

Co-presented by San Francisco Public Library
Online Lecture
Tue, Jun 22, 2021
12:00pm–1:30pm PDT

Explore the three-dimensional possibilities of Arabic calligraphy! This session aims to show attendees how to visualize and utilize Arabic calligraphy in modern designs. It also aims at helping participants identify calligraphy as an independent art form, from past to present, leading to Iyad Naja’s challenges and evolution as a designer.


Letterform Archive | Elementype, a practical guide to typographic use

July 13, 2021

Elementype, a practical guide to typographic use.
with TipasType, Sandra García, Dafne Martínez

Type West Public Workshop
Online Lecture at Letterform Archive
Tue, Jul 13, 2021
12:00pm–1:30pm PDT

This talk is about a nerd dream and a book.

As typeface designers, but primarily users of type, we know that at different levels it is often complex to understand where to look for quality fonts, how to select type for specific projects, and how use it and make the most of it. You have to delve into typography.

That is why Tipastype was born from the premise of education as a means to enhance the end user. We help them understand typography as the powerful tool it is and how to give it the tangible and economic value that it entails.

We implemented an educational strategy that includes: social networking, face-to-face and virtual talks, conferences, and workshops.

These efforts naturally led to a printed publication “Elementype, a practical guide to typographic use”, where we address basic issues on how to take advantage of typography. It is a quick and efficient reference book, which facilitates the learning of complex content, through agile and clear graphics and short but deep texts.

We are clear that typography should not be complicated to understand and put to practical use. The idea is to democratize knowledge about typography to have better and more demanding users.


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