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SFCB | Art Book Show ‘n Tell: Books We Love to Love!

January 29, 2021

Do you have artists books in your collection that you love to love? Perhaps something by your favorite book artist or printmaker that inspires? Join Cheryl and Jennie online Friday, January 29th for an evening of sharing and exploring artists books we love to love! This will be a casual evening of show-n-tell and socializing — even if you don’t have a book to share, you are encouraged to attend. SFCB’s Art Book Show ‘n Tell events are a great way to learn about new-to-you books and see what other people have in their personal libraries.


APHG | 2021 Awards Recipients Named at Annual Meeting

January 30, 2021

The American Printing History Association has named Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. as the recipient of the APHA 2021 Individual Laureate and Mills College Book Art Program as the recipient of the APHA 2021 Institutional Award. 

Amos Kennedy has introduced thousands of people worldwide to the historic traditions of printing by sharing hands-on activities celebrating wood type and antique presses. Using these historic tools he has brought groups together to explore their aspirations utilizing the power of the press to print ideas and then distribute and display them in their communities as handmade posters. His remarkable work has helped build community while sharing the history of this essential technology.

Academic book art programs are important contributors to the study of historical printing methods. Founded ninety years ago, the Mills College Book Art Program has taken the lead in developing academic programming that became the model for other institutions. Renowned for developing undergraduate and MFA courses of study and hosting prominent practitioners and scholars in the field, Mills has been central to the establishment of this now respected area of study.

The Individual Laureate and the Institutional Award will be conferred at APHA’s annual meeting at 2 pm on Saturday, January 30, as part of Bibliography Week in New York City. Award winners will give presentations about their work at the meeting, which will be virtual.

Kathleen Walkup, director of the Book Art Program, will accept the Institute Award on behalf of the program and provide a presentation.

Virtual meeting connection information will be posted on the APHA website, with priority for member attendance. A recording of Kathleen Walkup’s presentation will be made publicly available after the annual meeting.


SFCB | Making Multiples: The Artist’s Book in an Edition

February 1, 2021

This is a four session online workshop.

In the first of four sessions, we’ll look at an overview of artist’s books – books where form and content work together – discussing definitions, concepts, and numerous examples from the form’s history. We’ll also learn a simple book structure, which students will then develop into a “book sketch” as homework.

Students will share their book sketches in the second session. We’ll also begin talking about tools, materials, and techniques as we learn several book models and structures.

In the third session, we’ll continue to explore bookmaking techniques, as well as a couple low-tech printing techniques (stenciling, image transfers) that students can do at home. Students will be asked to make a mockup that they may hope to later develop into a more finished edition.

In the final session, students will share their works in progress. The instructor will help them address any hurdles they face on their way to completing an artist book edition, discussing strategies for furthering and expanding concepts developed during the class. We’ll wrap up by talking about some of the practical considerations when embarking on a content-based book project and how they relate to the book artist’s many roles: author, illustrator, editor, publisher, printer, and binder.


Letterform Archive | Salon Series 26: Breaking the Swiss Grid with Stephen Coles

February 2, 2021

Letterform Archive is excited to partner with Poster House for a session of deconstructing the Swiss grid. What happens when designers break the rules of what typically constitutes good design? This wide-ranging presentation will explore grid-breaking examples from our collection, including Emigre magazine, the letter- and mind-bending posters of psychedelia, and irregularly-shaped typesetting, old and new.

This event is a collaborative effort between Letterform Archive and Poster House in conjunction with their Swiss Grid exhibition. We have loved working together and hope to again in the near future. Our efforts were shared, and your donations will be also. All contributions from this event will be split evenly between Letterform and Poster House. By signing up for this program, you agree to be added to Poster House’s mailing list.


NEG | Near North Editors Meeting

February 8, 2021

The Near North Editors meet on the first Monday of every month (except months where the first Monday is a holiday such as Labor Day, in which case look out for special updates!). This month’s meeting will be held on Zoom.

This event is free and open to all editors. To receive the Zoom information required to attend this meeting, please register for free below, or (members only) go to this page.

If you have any questions, please email to be put in touch with the host.

Venue Online via Zoom
Starts Mon Feb 8 2021, 11:00am PST
Ends Mon Feb 8 2021, 12:00pm PST


BCC | Black Leaders of Leisure: Their California Dream During the Jim Crow Era and the Implications of these Stories Today

February 8, 2021

This presentation includes an overview of the author’s book, Living the California Dream: African American Leisure Sites during the Jim Crow Era (University of Nebraska Press, 2020), which takes a fresh approach to looking at the practices of relaxation and recreation at outdoor and public spaces for all people at beaches, mountains, and other scenic locales holding a central place in the long freedom rights struggle.

Leisure, was not an optional add-on to civil rights, but an essential component of liberty and this talk with feature the local stories of African Americans who fought for dignity, equal access and the full range of human experience and fulfillment in exploration of California’s offerings as they contributed to the state’s development.

The speaker will share how some of the sites discussed in the book are being used today to engage young people with experiential learning activities in the explorations of the African American and Mexican American experiences, heritage conservation issues, beach wildlife appreciation and stewardship, as well as aspirations to environmental justices policies involving beach assess and civic action.

A live online presentation by Alison Rose Jefferson, author, historian, and heritage conservation consultant


NEG | Far North Editors Meeting

February 10, 2021

The Far North Editors meet every second Wednesday from 11:15am to 12:45pm.

If you are interested in joining them online, please register for free via the button below. Logged in members can find the invitation here.

Starts Wed Feb 10 2021, 11:15am PDT
Ends Wed Feb 10 2021, 12:45pm PDT


BAWiP | Virtual Happy Hour

February 10, 2021

BAWiP hosts virtual happy hours the second Wednesday of every month, until we can return to meeting in person at various locations around the Bay Area. We also host educational webinars almost every month. When our members are speaking at publishing events and conferences, we link to those as well.


BABF | Literature Live Around the World

February 12, 2021

Ever wondered what book-lovers are reading, writing, caring about in Afghanistan? Nigeria? Jamaica? Argentina? On February 12, 2021, join an intimate, fascinating virtual view into “other states, other lives, other souls.” Literature Live Around the World (LLAW) will immerse you in the culture, authors, and ambience of 12 destinations on every continent — and BABF is proud to represent the U.S. with a program showcasing what makes the Bay Area such an international touchstone.

What is it? A 12-hour extravaganza of 12 literary festivals around the globe, produced by Norway’s LitFestBergen.

Where will it take me? Bergen, Norway; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dubai, UAE; Edinburgh, Scotland; Jaipur, India; Kabul, Afghanistan; Lagos, Nigeria; Lyon, France; Perth, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

What will I see? Each literary festival will present its own program featuring local authors, as well as a dynamic video about each respective region and its literary and cultural scene. For the full lineup (including BABF’s contribution, a conversation with Bay Area literary power couple Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida), click here!

How do I watch? The full program will run on our website for all to watch for free, starting on February 12, 2021 at noon Norweigan time (yes, that’s 3 a.m. Pacific). Don’t want virtual jetlag? No worries: the recording of the whole program, featuring all 12 festivals, will repeat over the following days to accommodate different time zones. You can dip in whenever you like, picking and choosing what “destinations” you want to visit.


EFA | Fearless Formatting in Microsoft Word Webinar

February 15, 2021

Word is capable of much more than most people use it for, and formatting documents for self-publishing, journal publication, or academia is a common request made of editors. This course will teach lesser-known features in Word that take away the guessing game of formatting and significantly reduce formatting-related headaches and the amount of time spent trying to make Word work. This 90-minute webinar will discuss:

  • How to find and understand “hidden” formatting marks
  • Using and updating Styles
  • Hidden issues that can arise (and be fixed) from the Font and Paragraph menus
  • When and how to use section breaks (for footnotes, different page sizes, or margins)
  • How to create clean, professional-looking documents with no underlying problems
  • Time-saving tricks to batch-format without macros

BCC | The Green Book: A Black History of the American Road Trip

February 15, 2021

Historically, “road tripping” stood as a romanticized part of the American experience though this pastime did not necessarily hold the same allure for African Americans.  To compensate, Victor Hugo Green published The Negro Motorist Green Book which guided black travelers to safe spaces of rest and relaxation nationwide. This talk will discuss the historic challenges of black travel and the spaces of leisure that emerged for black travelers between the 1930s and 1960s.

A live online talk by Dr. Kenya Davis-Hayes, historian and professor of history, California Baptist University


Letterform Archive | Atkinson Hyperlegible: Challenging assumptions about legibility and accessibility with Applied Design Works

February 16, 2021

Craig Dobie, Brad Scott, and Elliott Scott will present ten things that drove the unconventional design of Atkinson Hyperlegible, a rule-breaking typeface for people with low vision. The project was the winner of the Graphic Design category in Fast Company’s 2019 Innovation by Design Awards.


BABA | Monthly Meeting

February 21, 2021

BABA meets the third Thursday evening of each month in room P-6 at Greendell School (4120 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto, next to Cubberley Center) from 7:18 to 9:00pm. Members share books, work in progress and information about book events and resources.

During the pandemic, all meeting will be held online via Zoom.


BCC | A Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky: The World of Octavia E. Butler

February 22, 2021

A Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky: The World of Octavia E. Butler offers a blueprint for a creative life from the perspective of award-winning science-fiction writer and “MacArthur Genius” Octavia E. Butler. It is a collection of ideas about how to look, listen, breathe—how to be in the world. This book is about the creative process, but not on the page; its canvas is much larger. Author Lynell George not only engages the world that shaped Octavia E. Butler, she also explores the very specific processes through which Butler shaped herself—her unique process of self-making. It’s about creating a life with what little you have—hand-me-down books, repurposed diaries, journals, stealing time to write in the middle of the night, making a small check stretch—bit by bit by bit. A Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky draws the reader into Butler’s world, creating a sense of unmatched intimacy with the deeply private writer.

A live online conversation between Louise Steinman, writer and independent literary curator and Lynell George, journalist and essayist


PPN | Virtual Meetup

February 25, 2021

Mark your calendars and join us on February 18 at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time for our next virtual meetup. A great opportunity for connection, our virtual event via Zoom is open to anyone in the book-publishing industry. So, grab a drink and come catch up, share news, and get advice. Prost!

We plan to continue holding virtual meetups over Zoom on the third Thursday of each month for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, we are wistfully looking forward to in-person meetups again someday.


BAWiP | Virtual Happy Hour

March 10, 2021

BAWiP hosts virtual happy hours the second Wednesday of every month, until we can return to meeting in person at various locations around the Bay Area. We also host educational webinars almost every month. When our members are speaking at publishing events and conferences, we link to those as well.


ABA | ABC Children’s Institute 2021

June 16, 2021 to June 18, 2021

Hosted/Organized by: The American Booksellers Association

The 2020 Children’s Institute (Ci8) will take place Monday, June 22, through Wednesday, June 24, at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, located at 3800 E. Sunrise Dr. in Tucson, Arizona.

The American Booksellers Association continues to aim to locate the annual Children’s Institute in cities around the country to ensure as many independent booksellers as possible have the chance to attend.


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