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Services Description

Services Provided: Author Coaching, Marketing, Project Management, Publication Management, Rights and Licensing, Sales Strategy, Web Design

Expertise: Representation for small authors to establish their books in larger brick and mortar outlets, increase their distribution on line and in print, set up their own independent publishing houses, and connect with specialty and on-line retailers and distributors throughout the globe.

Additionally, we can increase your online presence through online sales and networking with book review blogs and influencers for greater exposure. We can coordinate your printing, binding, and production needs. We will run the complete publishing business-side of your independent book company.

Edward “Ed” Bajek began working in the publishing industry in 1984. Ed has worked domestically and internationally in sales, distribution, circulation, marketing, merchandising and logistics for books and magazines. Ed has worked with some of the largest publishers, wholesalers, and distributors in the world.

We offer our knowledge of retail ,digital ,on-line and wholesale so we can deliver your books, papers, and magazines to the greatest possible audiences in the most efficient ways possible.

We offer a wide range of services to help you reach your publishing goals.

Smaller authors in our industry have always been the heart and soul of the industry, and that’s how we represent our clients. Our affordable fees reflect this ethos, and our work echoes it.

Naples, FL
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