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Product Manager, Talis (Remote) | SAGE


Mission: Talis is a nimble Ed-Tech company building innovative tools that make a huge impact on higher education. We recently joined the SAGE Publishing Group.

What: Our lead SaaS Product, Aspire, helps universities connect teaching and learning effectively. Our market-leading services benefit of over one million students around the world including the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities

You: Our next mission is establishing and growing our existing flagship Product into a large, untapped market, in the US.You will be the Product Manager for North America and lead Product discovery, customer
research and market analysis in order to successfully understand what Product adaptations we need to build.From there, you’ll build it and grow it to be a market-leader. You’ll lead with ideation processes, running workshops that tease out information from various parties and stakeholders, boiling and
distilling that down through repeated build-measure-learn cycles into a path for execution.

You’ll work with:

  • This role reports to the Head of Product.
  • You’ll work closely with the marketing team to define the go-to-market strategy, helping
    them understand the product positioning, key benefits and target customer.
  • You will be working with an established software development team to define product
    release requirements
  • Design team who can help translate user needs
  • Operations team who can help you build a network to support your product.


The impact you will have:

  • This is a huge priority for the company so this role is pivotal to our success in the US.
  • The US represents a huge market so there is more R&D that we hope will be discovered
    and turned into future Products.

Qualifications & Education

Ideally, you have experience in:

  • Understanding user needs , knowing the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and
    converting these into Products.
  • Adapting Products for new markets , you understand there are differences and the detail
    really does matter
  • Building lean and agile Products , you know how to accurately test hypotheses in the
    lightest way possible and be comfortable using lean UX techniques.
  • Working with distributed teams , we work with teams all over the world so experience in
    this is useful
  • Strong Product processes, you’re confident in the tools and frameworks you use in order
    to bring structure and robustness to your process
  • Working in early-stage product building and ‘rolling’ your sleeves up to get things done.
    You are commercially and technically minded – able to understand concepts and explain
    constraints between the business and engineers.
  • The US higher education market place. You will have some experience developing
    solutions that meet the needs of teachers, students and academic libraries.