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Stanford University Press is seeking an experienced freelance copyeditor who can work directly in Github on a manuscript for a web-based monograph. Knowledge, interest, or experience in the subject areas of 19th- to early 20th-century American journalism and Bible studies are a plus.

Files to be edited are in HTML and markdown (MD), so knowledge of these languages is required, though you would not be expected to edit functional code (only the text itself). Edits should be made directly to the files in the repo, and queries entered as page-level comments. Style is CMOS, but preference is given to consistency. You will be expected to generate a style sheet and work within the specified timeline.

Job timeline: July 11—Aug 12

The project:

America’s Public Bible is an interactive scholarly work that uncovers the history of the Bible in the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century United States. Using computational methods, this project has found biblical quotations in two large corpora of historical American newspapers. By identifying, visualizing, and studying quotations in American newspapers, the site offers a commentary on how the Bible was used in public life over one century of American history.

For more about Stanford University Press’s Mellon-funded digital publishing initiative and to view previous publications, see http://supdigital.org

Word Count: <50,000 (< 200 MS pages)


  • Experience copyediting for a university press
  • Proficiency with Github (edit, commit, comment)
  • Proficiency with HTML and/or Markdown
  • Proficiency with CMOS

Contact jasmine.mulliken@stanford.edu with CV/resume, any questions, or preview access to the project.

To apply for this job email your details to jasmine.mulliken@stanford.edu