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Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson started in the paper industry out of college and eventually migrated into the print-and-bind side of the publishing world. Mike Johnson thanks many amazing people for helping him along the way, individuals who stoked his imagination and fanned the flames for his love of the printed word—names that include Dr. Seuss, Thom Jones, Dee Brown, Upton Sinclair, James Salter, Tim O’Brien, Stephen King, Herman Hesse, W. Somerset Maugham, Raymond Carver, Cormac McCarthy, Erich Maria Remarque, and so on.

With artists such as these in mind, he has the utmost respect not only for what goes into a book, but also for the creation and passion behind making amazing words available to the public via the bound book.

For this reason, he is both awestruck and humbled to be a part of an organization that continues to honor a process he loves so much that he actually married an editor!

Speaking of his wife, when not reading, he can be found with Windy desperately trying to convince their teenage daughters (Ivy and Holly) to keep their rooms clean and their Instagram posts to a minimum while he struggles to keep their two dogs from barking only during conference calls. Last, while his love for all things Chicago (backroom politics, Tribune columnists, neighborhood cuisine, angry cabbies, Bears football, and trips on the El to the Addison stop to see his Cubbies) remains as staunch as the day he moved to California 20-some years ago, he is extremely grateful for the Bookbuilders West organization (now PPN) that welcomed him, made him feel at home here in California, and helped foster decades-long friendships with kindred souls who still speak loudly today.