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The Art of Org Charts

September 21 @ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Are you ready to create visually captivating and well-structured org charts? Join us in this immersive presentation session where Julie Shaffer will guide you through the essentials of crafting compelling org charts, enabling you to communicate complex hierarchies with clarity and efficiency.

We will dive deep into the intriguing history of organizational charts, discover the design principles that resonate with audiences, explore an array of chart variations, and harness the automation capabilities of InDesign styles and data merge. Say goodbye to manual chart creation and embrace a seamless process that allows you to produce dynamic, data-driven charts in a fraction of the time.

This isn’t just another presentation; it’s an opportunity to transform your design approach and become a master of visual storytelling. Don’t miss this chance to unleash your creative potential and revolutionize how you convey information through the art of org charts.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding the Historical Evolution: Delve into the fascinating history of organizational charts, tracing their evolution from the Industrial Revolution to modern-day applications.

2. Design Principles for Effective Organizational Charts: Explore the key design principles that underpin successful organizational charts. Learn about hierarchy, layout, color choices, typography, and other essential elements that contribute to creating clear, professional, and visually engaging charts.

3. Exploring Chart Variations and Styles: Discover the versatility of organizational charts as we explore various types and styles. From traditional hierarchical structures to matrix and flat designs, learn how to adapt charts to suit different organizational needs and communication contexts.

4. Automating Chart Creation with InDesign Styles and Data Merge: Streamline your chart creation process using Adobe InDesign’s powerful style functionalities. Discover how to create and apply styles consistently, ensuring a cohesive and professional look throughout your charts.

This session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create impressive organizational charts efficiently and effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to master the art of org charts!


September 21
3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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