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PPN Post and Updates / June 2, 2021

If all goes well, look for a return of in-person PPN Meetups in the coming months. // 49th Book Show Update: We have made arrangements with the publishers to keep the Book Show Awards site alive indefinitely. // Evolution of a Winning Book Cover, Lia Tjandra, Art DirectorUniversity of California Press


PPN Post and Updates / May 5, 2021

We’re already thinking about the next book show, which will have the remarkable distinction of being our 50th! We learned a great deal in the process of planning a virtual event. // We’re excited to be resurrecting our PPN conference. As many of you know, we held annual daylong conferences over a five-year period to rave reviews from those who attended.


PPN Post and Updates / April 7, 2021

We stand with our friends in the Asian community against this vicious spate of violence. Please explore the resources provided in the article below and look for ways that you can help. // The 49th PPN Book Show will be held on April 21 at 4:30 p.m. PDT. Our first virtual Book Show.


PPN Post and Updates / March 3, 2021

With sadness, we announce the departure of Brenda Ginty from the board and the role of vice-president. Our new vice-president and future president is Dave Peattie of BookMatters and Whereabouts Press. // Judging for the 49th Book Show began in early February was fabulous. There are so many wonderful entries to share next month.


SFCB | Paper Lithography online workshop

July 29, 2021

In paper lithography, also known as gum arabic transfer, a Xerox photocopy acts as a “plate” that gets inked and printed. Oil-based printmaking ink is applied to the treated paper, the toner areas hold ink, while the blank areas hold moisture and repel the ink. In this workshop, the instructor will demonstrate this multi-step process and help students troubleshoot their own work at home.

This is a relatively low toxic way to make prints at home using natural gum arabic. It is a versatile process, great for layering photographic images, illustrations and text (anything you can photocopy) onto your handmade prints in any color that you can mix. Through experimentation and layering you can make beautiful one of a kind prints of your own.

Students are encouraged to design and photocopy or laser print their own letter-size “plates”; the most foolproof plan is to go to a UPS or FedEx Kinkos and use the Xerox machines. Sometimes different toners can yield different results. To ensure that everyone has enough workable material, all students will receive an envelope containing several Xerox copies of the Instructor’s designs to experiment with.

Expect some failures and some successes!


SFCB | Online: 25th Anniversary Celebration!

July 30, 2021

Join SFCB staff and community online as we raise a glass and toast SFCB’s 25 years in the books! Executive Director Jeff Thomas will share our exciting future goals and plan; SFCB Founders Mary Austin and Kathleen Burch will offer opening remarks. We look forward to celebrating our vibrant community, our future plans for SFCB, and “twenty five years in the books”.

We’re making it easy to celebrate: purchase a (cup)cake and champagne package and then join us online! (Cup)cake and champagne packages include a split of champagne (187 ml, an approximate glass and a half) and a cupcake of your choice, thanks to our friends at Rubicon Bakery! Your order will be packaged in celebratory style and waiting for you at SFCB. (You do not need to purchase a package in order to register/attend the online anniversary party.)

Please note:

  • (cup)cake and champagne packages are ONLY available for purchase as an add-on through Eventbrite. Sales end Sunday, July 18th at midnight.
  • (cup)cake and champagne packages are ONLY available for pick up at SFCB on Friday, July 30th. Pickup hours are 10 am to noon and 2 pm to 4 pm.

ABM | A Journey into “Wild/LIFE” Lecture Series: Lecture 1

July 31, 2021

Binding in the Third Dimension, with Graham Patten
When: Saturday July 31, 4pm PDT
Where: Online
Cost: $10

Graham Patten is a bookbinder who applies his interests in origami, movement, and bookbinding to create unusual pieces that merge books and sculpture. The decorative and design elements of his work tend to arise from mechanical, structural, and kinetic ideas rather than from more traditional fine binding techniques.

Considerations of access and functionality that are integral to book conservation also influence Graham’s bookbinding work. He invents structures and sculptural techniques that transform the reader’s conventional interaction with the book.

In his presentation, Graham will discuss the origin of the three-dimensional origami-style bindings used on Curved-Folding Origami Design and other books, and the techniques he has developed to construct them. There is a continuum of structural possibilities within this theme that affect the functionality of the book structure. As he walks through the binding process, Graham will discuss the various design considerations that must be addressed, and how the binding process has evolved from book to book.


BABA | Sunday Session

August 1, 2021

BABA members meet twice a month for Monthly Meetings and member-led Sunday Workshops.

Location: 4120 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303

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