Enter Your Best Book Designs in the PPN 50th Annual Book Show Competition

Winners receive free entry to the show and are featured in the Book Show catalog and in PPN Facebook and web postings.

Entry Fees

Covers and Jackets

$45 (member) | $55 (nonmember)

Books, Design Only

$50 (member) | $60 (nonmember)

Books, Design & Manufacturing

$60 (member) | $70 (nonmember)


  • Entries may be submitted by any individual or organization engaged in designing, manufacturing, or publishing books in the United States.
  • Entries need not be manufactured exclusively in the United States, nor is membership in PPN required.
  • Books must have a publication date of September 2020 through March 2022.


Category Definitions

  • The Covers and Jackets category features book covers and jackets (no interiors), both text- and image-driven.
  • The Books, Image-Driven category features books where art dominates the design.
  • The Books, Text-Driven category features books where type dominates the design.
  • The Books, Special category features books with unusual forms, materials, or content that does not easily conform to the Books, Text- and Image-Driven categories.
  • The Books, Children category features books created for children from age 0 to 8.
  • The Manufacturing category features books that are distinguished for their quality of printing, binding, and materials.

Book Entry Instructions

  1. Complete an online entry form for each item you are submitting.
  2. After you submit your final entry, pay the entry fee either online or by check.
  3. You will receive, via email, a receipt and an individual confirmation for each book, jacket, or cover submitted. Please print the confirmation emails. 
  4. Send one copy of each book, cover, or jacket entry and the corresponding confirmations to the address below.
  5. If you are entering books in the Manufacturing category, send an additional copy of each book and confirming email (2 total books for each entry).
  6. PPN will contact you via email with further instructions to submit a high resolution PDF of each entry. Any entry submitted without a PDF will not be eligible for judging.
Send submissions to:
David Zielonka
Stanford University Press
485 Broadway, First Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063