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Book Show

Click below to see the 49th PPN Book Show event site.


Since the early 1970s, outstanding book design, production, and manufacturing have been recognized at the annual book show. This year, PPN has differentiated between design and manufacturing by focusing on design for all category honorees. Excellence in manufacturing is recognized in its own category.

Our judges are distinguished in the field of book design, bringing several years of experience to bear in selecting winners in six categories:

  • Covers and Jackets, Image-Driven
  • Covers and Jackets, Text-Driven
  • Books, Image-Driven
  • Books, Text-Driven
  • Books, Special
  • Manufacturing

Each entry in the Book Show is evaluated on an individual basis, according to criteria appropriate to the category. Those criteria include excellence in layout, art, typography, rhythm, structure, and flow.

There is one winner in each category (unless there is a tie) and up to four finalists. Winning entries are announced at our online Book Show event, and all award recipients are showcased in this catalog and announced in press releases to the trade. The best-in-category winners also compete for Best in Show—a People’s Choice award—via a live vote during the online Book Show event.