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Letterform Archive | Why Start a National Design Archive with Gabriel Amijai Benderski Perez

Hosted/Organized by: Letterform Archive and the SF Public Library

Co-presented by Book Arts & Special Collections, San Francisco Public Library
Online Lecture at Letterform Archive
Tue, Nov 30, 2021
12:00pm–1:30pm PDT

There have been few attempts to narrate or document Uruguayan design tradition; because of this, the country appears to lack a design history. A commitment to my profession, my discipline, and my nation led me to want to fill those gaps, so we founded an archive of Uruguayan graphic design on July 10, 2018.

The project began thanks to the few references I had about local graphic arts, and the desire to learn how local events of the past were communicated. In this lecture I’ll share the most curious projects developed in the territory. It is an invitation to discover the visual heritage of a country that has thus far received little attention.