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Open Set 2025 Competition & Exhibition

American Academy of Bookbinding

The OPEN • SET 2025 Competition & Exhibition is an event in the United States featuring finely crafted bookbindings.  Sponsored by the American Academy of Bookbinding, it is designed to encourage […]


Remember Me: American Carved Stone Books from the Ian Berke Collection

San Francisco Center for the Book 375 Rhode Island Street, San Francisco

Remember Me: American Carved Stone Books from the Ian Berke Collection, curated by Mindell Dubansky,  is a fascinating exploration of the realm where book-like objects and folk art intersect. San […]

Latin-Arabic Logo Matchmaking

Zoom CA

Explore the relationship between Arabic and Latin letterforms through a branding exercise guided by an experienced type designer. In this workshop, participants will create the Arabic equivalent of a Latin […]

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California, a Slave State

Zoom CA

California owes its origins and sunny prosperity to slavery. Spanish invaders captured Indigenous people to build the chain of Catholic missions. Russian otter hunters shipped Alaska Natives—the first slaves transported […]

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No Poetry No Peace™

Zoom CA

Join us and a selection of poets – some local, some far flung - to explore how "poetry provides pathways for creative and cathartic human expression and peace." The No Poetry […]