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You’re a nonfiction self-publishing author who has crafted your latest masterwork. Congratulations! You’re excited to send it out into the world and reap the rewards from all your hard work.

But before you publish your book, let me, John Vias of Author’s Voice Editing, polish your manuscript and (optionally) prepare it for e-book publishing. Marking only needed changes and retaining your voice, I will correct errors that distract readers from your message. You retain control—you can easily accept or reject any edit.

Here are a few (okay, more than a few) of my areas of interest: art and art history, health and alternative medicine, self-help and psychology, Buddhism and meditation, computers and technology, culture and the humanities, writing and language, science, politics, and humor. (Kudos if you can combine those last two.)

Okay, I’m an all-around nerd. The upside for you? Whatever your book is about, I may already know something about the topic or at least be interested in learning more.

Ready to get started? Please visit my website to learn more and to begin our collaboration.


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