A photo of Bailey—she has long, curled hair; is wearing the brightest blue frames you can imagine and a teal shirt; and may-or-may-not be smiling (it's hard to tell). Behind her on the wall are some clouds (made of cork, painted white).
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Copy editor, line editor, proofreader
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My name is Bailey Harrington. I'm a copy editor, line editor, and proofreader specializing in academic, fiction, and table top game editing. I'm also a recovering academic, a bookbinder, and a board game connoisseur. I bring a wide range of experience to my work, including:

* a PhD in genetics and a background in forensic science and psychology
* an internship at a body farm
* a decade living in Europe
* an intense obsession with anything related to books, and
* an inconveniently expensive board gaming habit.

My clients include academics, independent authors, publishers, and board game designers. I accept freelance work through my business, GreenPen Editing, and I am a Staff Editor for Washington State University's Professional Editing Service Center.

As an academic editor, I help authors get their journal articles, dissertations, grant applications, or tenure-track dossiers ready for submission. I primarily work on manuscripts in genetics, biology, medicine, and other STEM topics, although I have also edited a number of humanities and social science manuscripts. You can see a list of published academic articles I edited on my website. I work with projects in Word, PDFs, and LaTeX.

As a fiction editor, I'm not just looking for the usual grammar errors or spelling mistakes. My goal is to find anything that pulls the reader out of the story—be it a mis- or overused word, a factual error, or an inconsistency in the timeline—and to work with the author to resolve it in a way that is true to their voice and the story.

As a table top game editor, I do more than just copyedit or proofread game rules. I use my many years' experience playing and play testing games—combined with my expertise as an editor—to ensure games are production ready and offer a smooth playing experience. I do this by highlighting rules that are unclear; identifying points of confusion or edge cases players may encounter; closing loopholes that could be exploited; finding places the game's theme or back story could be more salient in the rules; spotting errors in the text; or providing advice on formatting to increase clarity.

I am able to work on documents in any of: Microsoft Word, macOS Pages, Google Sheets, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, LaTeX. For anything else, please enquire.