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Independent Book Producer; Book Designer and Media Consultant
Services Description

I am an independent book producer, book designer and content packager with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of titles to my credit. In today’s world of changing technology, I collaborate extensively with writers, editors, illustrators, photographers, and experts in media, sound, and animation. Utilizing collaboration and innovation, my design models often add dimension beyond the printed page, resulting in quality productions in print and digital forms.

At Book Lotus Productions, we love collaborating with publishers, organizations, and authors worldwide to create projects that represent their brand, voice, and content. Start with an idea, and we'll develop the concept and carry it through to the finished book.

As an independent book producer, I add value to a publisher's list by providing high-quality books without the need to hire extra in-house staff. For independent authors, I may help you self-publish or act as a literary agent to build proposals, negotiate publishing contracts, and help your work get seen.

As a book designer, I bring an aesthetic and functional approach to the printed page. With a deep understanding of the full process, I ensure that the highest standards of publishing are upheld in all our projects.

Collaborating with authors, publishers, organizations, institutions, and corporate clients, we bring unique, untold stories to life.

Member ABPA, PPN, IBPA, BAIP, AWC. CCR # 2AF4Z8; DUNS: 138612481

Specialties: Book Producing, Book Design, Micro Publishing; Children's Books, Special Trade, Art & Photography Directories, eBooks, Activity Plus (K-12), Gift & Holiday, Training Manuals, Textbooks

Santa Barbara, California
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  • Terri Wright, Principal and Creative Director