Eva Barrows
Erase your fear to publish. Feel confident publishing articles to book-length projects by working with professional writer and editor Eva Barrows. Eva supports authors through the publishing process providing developmental editing and copyediting services. Get ready to self-publish or submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher.
Services Description

Developmental Editing & Copyediting

Self-publishing, or seeking agent representation or a publisher for your book? Be confident your manuscript is the best it can be by investing in developmental editing and copy editing.

Are you a subject-matter expert or business owner looking to publish magazine or blog articles about your passion? Or maybe you’re writing a lead magnet ebook or guide to offer potential clients. A second set of eyes on your writing will help increase your credibility by ensuring your message is concise and complete.

I offer developmental and copy editing for websites, printed articles and book-length manuscripts.

Content Writing

Stop struggling over what to say and how to say it. Leave the writing to me and get back to concentrating on what you do best.

I craft custom blog posts to keep businesses, nonprofits and brands in front of their customers.
I write website content to show off your products, services and company story.
And I dive into the inner workings of organizations to write informed newsletter articles and blurbs celebrating staffing updates, upcoming events and current successes.

Publication Management

Does your business or nonprofit need help creating and publishing a consistent blog, annual report, newsletter or magazine? I’m a pro at gathering up all the necessary pieces to create ongoing publications and getting them to the printer or posted online by deadline.

I write original content by interviewing subject matter experts, and conducting internet research to create fresh content for publications.
I work closely with staff and contributors to assign article topics and imagery.
I edit content and polish it up for publication or posting online.
I coordinate with layout designers or post directly to content management programs like Word Press, Square, or Constant Contact.

San Francisco Bay Area, California
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