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Hi, I'm Karen! With over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, I specialize in book design and editorial projects that elevate your story and brand. As a seasoned freelance designer, I offer comprehensive services, including book cover and interior design, printer research, and prepress management. I can even create a small-scale website for your project!

At the heart of my work is a collaborative approach. I see myself as a bridge between the author and the printer, ensuring seamless communication and high-end printing techniques. I respect your vision and hard work, and I'm here to provide guidance and options to achieve the best results. Let's work together to bring your book to life in a way that truly reflects your unique voice and style!

Arlington, VA
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  • This photography coffee table book, featuring a custom debossed linen, natural paper inset, and foil-stamped cover, is a showstopper you can't resist touching and opening.