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The Hy-Vee Seasons Executive Editor is responsible for co-managing day-to-day operations of Hy-Vee Seasons magazine in tandem with the Executive Art Director, under the direction of the Hy-Vee Seasons Editor-in-Chief and Editorial/Creative Director. The Executive Editor is responsible for understanding and implementing all leadership directives, the execution of the production schedule to meet all deadlines and the overall quality and accuracy of the final project.

Throughout each project, the Executive Editor relays global project initiatives and goals to direct a team of writers and/or editors in the production of text and other specified content for Hy-Vee Seasons. The Executive Editor is responsible for understanding leadership’s directives and for documenting and/or developing them in the production, presentation and refinement of planning and organization documents to all necessary parties—both internal and external.

The Executive Editor is also responsible for managing direct reports and for making editorial assignments, conducting and overseeing copyedits, proofreads and fact-checks in keeping with a predetermined production schedule.

This Executive Editor’s position is client-facing and requires the ability to be able to conduct orderly and proper communications, quickly solve problems and justify creative execution and process client revisions, as requested.


A commitment to creating inspiring, high-quality print and web content in a team setting.

The ability to follow leadership directives and implement them efficiently and effectively.

The ability to lead and guide a professional editorial team and work in tandem with other departments, including a professional Test Kitchen and photography studio.

Experience working in all stages of content and magazine production, including working in photography with food stylists.

The ability to work in a fast-paced environment on a complex, multi-faceted project.

The ability to create and follow production schedules and track staff assignments.

A commitment to using good journalistic practices for research, sourcing, interviewing subjects, story outlining, text writing and editing, file management, documentation, etc.

The ability to write well-researched, thoughtful editorial briefs and outlines and to determine book page allocation and pacing.

The ability to generate quality text for diverse audiences and functions, including business-to-business communications and published food, general topic, product and marketing text.

An understanding of how to accomplish excellent digital and print compositions that showcase hierarchy and best communications strategies.

A passion for learning about food (cooking methods, trends, flavors, etc.) and other subjects such as health and wellness, gardening, party planning and decorating to educate the audience in clear and dynamic ways.

Practical hands-on cooking and baking experience in a home setting

The ability to select and judge best recipes for publication based on research, audience preferences, trends, ingredients, methods, best practices and then participate on a team to critique final recipe outcomes in taste panels.

A working knowledge of general food production, ingredient uses, preparation methods, food storage, food/wine/spirits characteristics and flavor profiles.

Understands and can guide others in using Adobe InDesign

Excellent understanding of grammar, Chicago Manual style and relevant project style guides

The ability to write, edit and/or maintain inhouse style guides.

The understanding of copy edit marks and how to input them.

Excellent grammar, written and verbal communication skills.

Working knowledge of media law

Maintains a positive can-do attitude.

Other duties as assigned.


Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Journalism, or related field

Minimum of 5 years’ experience working as a Senior Editor on a consumer magazine

Must be competent in working in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Strong organizational and time-management skills

Strong attention to detail required to ensure complete accuracy of work

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