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Brand Talks by Monotype

Come join Monotype at their signature event, Brand Talks, happening June 15th at the Exploratorium. Join monotype and fellow creatives for an evening of engaging, short talks from standout thinkers in the design, marketing and...

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Type Etiquette 101

with Angie Wang Deepen your understanding of the typographic niceties of setting text—from the letter to the page.\ The text block is fundamental to creating any typographic system, whether on the page or on screen. But what...

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SF Design Week

Join us June 6–11th for the 17th Edition of San Francisco Design Week. This years theme is ‘Plot Twist’ Changing the way the story unfolds To shape the future, we need to embrace change — a key concept in the history...

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InDesign in an AI World

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming an essential dimension of InDesign publishing workflows. Rather than replacing designers, AI will actually empower them to conquer design and content challenges. Join Olav Martin Kvern,...

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